LEA Networks has been designing, developing, manufacturing and deploying state-of-the-art solutions for Telecom Operators and MSOs for the last 16 years.
We are dedicated to deliver operator-grade products with the highest quality standards.
Our portfolio includes five major product lines that are detailed below:

Home Networking

A number of interconnection technologies are available to meet the requirements for in home networking, particularly IPTV and multimedia distribution.

IPTV and related video services demand high bandwidth and exceptional performance including low latency.
LEA Networks has focused its research and development efforts on two technologies for home networking, HomePlug’s Powerline Communications (PLC) – AV & AV2 and IEEE’s WiFi – 802.11n/ac.

LEA Networks’ standard and custom home networking products are designed to deliver simple, intuitive in home solutions for all your digital appliance internet and connectivity requirements.

Smart Home Devices

LEA provides innovative solutions that are supporting high added value services by network service providers.

LEA smart home devices must be designed and manufactured with quality grades that go well beyond what is commonly implemented in the retail market.

While we mostly focus on Security, Safety, and Care products, we are also capable of delivering a wide variety of products for home automation solutions.

Home Networking & SmartHome convergence

Because smart home solutions present some challenges in term of connectivity (notably radio coverage, and ease of installation), LEA Networks provides products that leverage our expertise in whole home coverage and simplicity.

The objective is the same as for all our products: provide state-of-the-art, robust products that enable a robust delivery of services by the operators, and ultimate simple, positive user experience for their subscribers and customers.

Broadband Access

LEA Networks has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of xDSL splitters and microfilters since our inception. LEA’s splitters and microfilters have been deployed by over 150 carriers worldwide.

The quality of the xDSL splitter and microfilter can significantly impact the performance of the xDSL delivery service and user experience.

Whether you’re an equipment manufacturer or a carrier, contact LEA for a free consultation on your custom splitter requirements or our off the shelf splitter and microfilter solutions.

Surge Protection

Implementing high speed transmission optimized Outside Plant (OSP) primary protection equipment is essential to enable the rate reach performance required for today’s media, even one significant crosstalk disturber can have immediate and detrimental effects on service preformance.

LEA Networks has reset the performance expectations of standardized twisted pair primary protection with a ground up redesign of all lightning protection systems, including the 5 pin protector block.

Combined with a disciplined methodology for internal wiring and grooming, LEA Networks produces truly state-of-the-art telecommunications protection systems.

Every overvoltage device is mechanically crimped and soldered into solid copper alloy terminals. LEA Networks does not rely on springs, clips, or complicated hand assembly.