About us

LEA Networks designs, manufactures and commercializes innovative solutions for Ultra-Fast Broadband.

Our products are deployed by equipment vendors and operators world-wide. Our headquarters are in Paris, France and we also have offices in the USA (Chicago, Santa Clara) and in China (Shenzhen, Hong-Kong).
We provide products for wide-band network access over twisted pair and coax (G.fast, VDSL), lightning protection equipment (protection modules, building entrance panels), powerline communication (PLC), internet of things (security of people and property) as well as intelligent powering solutions (reverse power feed, PoE, wireless powering).


LEA Networks is a subsidiary of HF COMPANY, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.


LEA Networks is committed to providing the best    products and services without compromising security or quality. We are engaged in a durable and  sustainable approach to business, respecting people and the environment.

This policy is proven by our adherence to the most demanding international standards (ISO9001, ISO14001, TL9000, OHSAS18000).

                                 See our Quality Commitment here.

                                 And a copy of our Quality Certificate here


LEA Networks is actively involved in standardisation work.

We are for example active members of ETSI.

 LEA Networks is an enthusiastic supporter of French Tech‘s projects and actively teams up with startups and public or private labs.
We are also involved in competitiveness clusters and are taking part in events  organized by Paris Ouest La Défense (POLD) to support innovation and entrepreneurship.


We are open to the world, and proud to add a French  touch in the design of each of our products!


Lea Networks

Worldwide Leader in Broadband Access & Home Networking Solutions