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Power Line Communication (PLC) technology is the ideal choice for your home network.
It uses the existing power grid to transmit Internet throughout the home and transforms each outlet into a broadband access point; so you can easily connect all your equipment, without compromising performance, reliability and security.
No installation is required: just Plug and Play.
It is the best alternative to Ethernet wiring in your home, and the best solution for Wi-Fi range issues.

For more than 15 years, LEA has been designing innovative PLC adapters and filtering solutions for telecom operators and users, in its R&D center based in France.

The products we create are the fruit of all our years of experience.

Our products


Lightning speed home network solution


LEA Networks’ NetSocket1800 brings state-of-the-art PLC technology to the home.This compact powerline adapter is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port and a filtered AC socket.

It uses HomePlug AV2 MIMO technology to enable:

  • fiber-like data rates up to 1800 Mbits/sec
  • extensive compatibility with most PLC adapters on the market (works with PLC adapters provided by your internet operator)
  • controlled power consumption thanks to its energy saving mode

It’ll take only a few minutes to:

  • connect your media player or Set-top box to your broadband router to stream multiple HD videos simultaneously (supports up to 4K UHD format)
  • connect your game console or PC to play online without latency
  • connect all your electronic equipment to the net, such as : surveillance camera, audio speaker, printer,etc
  • share files and equipment across your local network

And all of this can be done:

  • in all your rooms, on every floor
  • without complex installation or configuration
  • without losing the use of your electrical outlets: its filtered AC socket allows you to connect your devices, without compromising PLC performance
Part NumberDescriptionDatasheet
SPSC12SJH-WMLE01NetSocket 1800 Type F plug / pass-through socket & Cat 5e cable
SPSC12FJH-WMLE01NetSocket 1800 Type E plug / pass-through socket & Cat 5e cable
SPSC1RAJH-RMLE01NetSocket 1800 NEMA Type plug / pass-through socket & Cat 5e cable


Boost your PLC network perfs


With the NetFilter Nano, you will significantly improve the performance of your existing PLC adapters.

Tiny, but mighty: it suppresses electrical interferences generated by your household equipment, and improves the throughput, the coverage and the stability of your existing PLC network so that you can enjoy it to the full.

Find out how to install it here

Part NumberDescriptionDatasheet
SPFXXNFXX - SFLEA1NetFilter Nano CEE 7/7 Type plug /pass-through socket

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