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LEA Networks experience in filtering and home networking equipment has evolved with the needs of telecom carriers and equipment makers, to propose the latest high-performance filtering and copper data conversion solutions in the home

A simple customer accessory must not become the stumbling block in the entire network. LEA Networks provide the most efficient end point products for the network, and never compromise on quality & reliability

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Micro-filters matter! LEA Networks are one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality micro-filters for use with xDSL and networks up to 212MHz. The quality of the filters can have a significant effect on data throughput. LEA Networks design standard and customized micro-filters to comply with and surpass all worldwide standards


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LEA Networks’ universal xDSL and centralized splitters provide a high performance solution for Telcos and installers in buildings. A variety of form factors such as flush or wall-mount enable simple and quick installation for all uses, and the latest 212MHz splitters are backwards compatible to VDSL and ADSL. Millions of customers are using LEA Networks’ centralized splitters at the network termination point.


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To take advantage of the Gigabit speeds of, coax enables extended reach and lower interference. LEA Networks’ range of coax baluns are high-performance passive devices that allow media conversion from twisted pair to coax wiring to ensure the highest broadband speeds. Different versions allow reverse power feed pass-through, RF video input splitting (diplexer), and connection to coax CPE (triplexer).



Part NumberDescriptionDatasheet
CECTC0BHT0I00LEA TP to Coax Balun
CECTC0SHT0I00LEA TP to Coax Balun for reverse power
CECTCCBHTH002LEA TP to Coax diplexer with RF input Balun from 258MHz
CECCCC1DTV001LEA Coax Triplexer

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