The BBWF is the perfect opportunity to discover the future of Ultra-fast Broadband, and especially how to connect the technologies that enable it, diffuse it, and how to power the equipment that it requires.

LEA Networks have been at the forefront of connectivity & powering in Broadband for 20 years. Whether it is fiber or 5G, LEA Networks provide the connection for the last meters, using copper, Coax, Cat 5 or a wireless connection.

Visit us in Amsterdam and discover for yourself some of our innovative solutions:

Wireless Power & Data

For Fixed Wireless access and 5G we provide a new solution that powers the transceivers outdoors and carries Gbps data indoors without drilling holes in walls.

Powerline Communication

LEA design high-speed, low interference PLC broadband adapters, and customized PLC data modules for the electricity and automotive industries.

Power over Ethernet

To benefit from power and data on the same Ethernet cable for equipment in harder to reach places, we provide carrier-grade PoE injectors.

Reverse Power Feed

Bringing ultra-fast broadband closer to customers requires power in basements, manholes or on poles. To avoid costly local power, we provide state-of-the-art ETSI compliant RPF PSEs, and boards for all DPUs..

Fiber Extender

When fiber is difficult or expensive to bring to one or a small number of customers, our 1-port DPUs use, G.Hn or IP over pairs or Coax, and are reverse powered..

Network Access Filters & Splitters

LEA Networks have a large range of standard and customized central office boards and MDF splitters, as well as high-end CPE filters up to 212MHz

G.Fast Coax panels & Baluns

We provide quality Coax baluns, diplexers and triplexers to convert twisted pair signals into Coax and vice versa, including integrating RF  & reverse power..

Surge Protection

LEA Networks is a major provider of lightning protector panels, modules and BEPs, using gas-tube, solid state and hybrid components.

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