Smart & Digital Power

Being a privileged partner of many telecom operators and manufacturers over the years has led LEA to expand its range of products and solutions in order to constantly innovate.The Smart & Digital Power products are born from LEA’s will to offer powering solutions that simplify the building of network or the addition of new devices to an existing network, while applying social & environmental best practice.

LEA’s Smart & Digital Power:

  • high-performance & reliable products: with user safety as our top priority.
  • easy & fast to install: no need for a trained installer, connect the cables and it’s ready!
  • re-use of existing network: no new cable installation required!
  • eco-friendly design: only provides power when a device is connected.
  • energy efficiency: dynamic adjustment of the power supply operating parameters guarantee highest efficiency from 0 to 100% load conditions.

Our products


Power & Data over one single Ethernet cable


LEA Networks’ BoxPower is a high performance and easy to install PoE injector (Power over Ethernet).

  • Powerful: it can power devices up to 31 Watts, and it is compliant with IEEE 802.3at/af protocols.
  • Fast: it is equipped with one Gigabit Ethernet port for DATA and one Gigabit Ethernet port combining DATA + POWER.
  • Easy: a single Ethernet cable to power and connect your compatible devices: IP camera, multiroom audio system, wireless access point, IP phone…
  • Cost effective: plug & play, it can be installed in a couple of minutes without the need for a trained technician.


Part NumberDescriptionDatasheet
SEBD2APEX- XXLE01BoxPower 30W 802 3at/af with Gigabit Ethernet, without AC cord


Revolutionary & low-cost power to the distribution point


As Ultra-broadband speeds and frequency responses get higher, solutions to supply need to get closer to the customer. This can mean expensive problems to access power. From extensive experience with powerline and Power over Ethernet, LEA Networks has developed a range of state-of-the-art Reverse Power Feed solutions:

  • On the CPE side, LEA Networks’ ETSI PSE are second to none in terms of providing managed power to DPUs without bandwidth loss.
  • On the DPU side, LEA Networks developed a high efficiency RPF controller whether single or multi-port on twisted pair or coax, bringing optimal management of power between all connected CPE while maintaining ultra-fast speeds.


Part NumberDescriptionDatasheet
PSETT02AC / 03 -XXLE01

SR2 / SR3 Reverse Power
Feed PSE 15W / 21W

Wireless power & data for LTE / 5G

A groundless indoor-to-outdoor Wireless Power and Data device capable of delivering power and transmitting data at gigabit speeds through windows and walls

As Fixed wireless access becomes a reality with the arrival of 5G, the issue of getting gigabit speeds into homes and buildings will be complicated by high frequencies such as in the mmWave spectrum, which will often require an outdoor antenna.

To power such an antenna, and bring the data inside to the gateway, can require expensive drilling, grounding and cabling. The WipoD wireless power & data transceiver from LEA Networks can simplify this by powering up to 30W and bringing over 1gbps of broadband speed through indoor and outdoor window units. Using magnetic resonance for power, and a wireless PoE protocol for data, the small units can be easily fixed to a window to both send power out, and bring data in. The system can also be used for LTE, outdoor cameras, and FTTH solutions.

Wireless Power + Data (for LTE & 5G FWA, and fibre extension)

  • Power and Data transmitter through windows
  • Wireless data transmission up to 1 Gbps
  • 25 W wireless power transmission (PoE compliant with IEEE 802.3at protocol)
  • Self install by end user


Please contact us here to find out more about wireless power & data for Fixed Wireless Access solutions.

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